Rising Up To the Big Stage

Positioning a new keynote speaker and helping her get speaking gigs can seem like a daunting task for anyone else. For us, it was the perfect chance to push Rashmi Airan to the front of the pack of keynote speakers in the ethics space.


Meet Rashmi Airan

Rashmi Airan is an ethics keynote speaker and consultant determined to create organizational cultures focused on integrity, authenticity, and accountability. Rashmi instills audiences with the energy and understanding to create the safe space that will allow us to engage in courageous conversations in all aspects of our lives. Rashmi utilizes her own experiences to share her human performance methodology, technique and mindset that will catalyze leadership, growth and stability in all organizations.


Web Design



Social Media


With the redesign of Rashmi’s website, our primary goal was to create a clean, professional website that positions Rashmi as a top keynote speaker. We also wanted Rashmi to rank highly on search engines so that potential companies, trade shows, and organizations could find her when they were looking for a keynote speaker in the ethics space.


Rashmi Airan needed a strong social media strategy to position herself in the ethics space. Rashmi needed a strategy that highlights her regular keynote speeches at some of the country’s top brands.

In addition to highlighting keynotes, Rashmi needed content to position her as an expert in the ethics space. In tandem with blog posts, we published Rashmi’s original thoughts on ethics and how companies can benefit from creating an ethical culture.


In addition to implementing social media marketing, Rashmi needed a content marketing strategy to position her as an expert i tnhe ethics space and to allow organizations searching for ethics speakers to find Rashmi. Long-form articles are written to cover a wide array of topics related to her niche market, which help position Rashmi as an expert in helping businesses build an ethical culture.

Here is sample of content written on her blog:


“I would recommend BartX Digital to anybody seeking to build a new website, grow their business, create a brand, expand their social media reach, and attract new clients. Anthony is highly skilled at learning your voice, researching data and analytics on Google and other search engines to fine tune your blog and social media content for its maximum impact on future growth for you. He is hard working and passionate about his clients’ success. He takes a vested interest in each client and their individual message and needs. For me personally, he spent countless hours doing background research about my industry, meeting with me to understand my goals and needs, and created an incredible website from scratch. He helps me with original content posts each week and is my Go-To guy for all my social media posts. He is an expert when it comes to SEO and keyboarding my blogs and it has helped me in growing my brand and gaining exposure in the market. Thank you so much Anthony for all that you do!” – Rashmi Airan

After Rashmi’s website was built, she started a 12 month SEO and social media campaign. Rashmi’s strategy targeted Google search listings and important contacts on social media, specifically on LinkedIn. In 12 months, Rashmi ranks for hundreds of important keywords – Important keywords like “ethics speaker”, “ethical issues in business”, “ethics keynote speaker”, and many more of the most competitive keywords. Rashmi gets over 1200 visitors from Google to her website each month, and over 1500 total visitors each month. Finally, Google Search yielded more than 80 quality leads since Rashmi and BartX Digital started working together.

Rashmi continues to use our social media, content, and SEO services as we’ve only scratched the surface of potential!








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