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If your West Palm Beach Business is looking to increase web traffic, increase leads, and increase revenue, an internet marketing strategy is a smart choice. Internet marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing because so many people spend their time online throughout the day. Internet marketing is an umbrella term that covers many different specialties including: SEO, pay per click advertising, social media, web design, email marketing, and many others.

BartX offers everything your West Palm Beach business needs to thrive in the internet marketing space. Our websites are built to not only look great but for the foundation of SEO. With any internet marketing strategy, a strong website with a strategic focus is the foundation for success.

At BartX, we care about you and your business. We are guided by our principles and values to serve our customers and the community with integrity. We are passionate about all things internet marketing and we are dedicated to your success. Contact us to learn how we can help your business grow!

Internet Marketing Strategies for your West Palm Beach Business

Our West Palm Beach internet marketing strategies can help your business grow. Let’s review each strategy:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is an extremely effective strategy used to drive more quality traffic to your site. The more quality traffic that comes to your site, the more your brand will be discovered, the more leads, sales, and revenue your business will generate.

This strategy works by matching your content with valuable keywords for your business in search engines. The higher your results show up for “search queries” in Google and other search engines, the more quality traffic your business will receive. To get this quality traffic, your pages need to be ranked highly for search queries. In fact, 92% of all clicks happen on the first page (first 10 results) on Google.

Our West Palm Beach SEO services can help your business get on the first page of important search results in your industry. Whether you’re a local dentist with a single location, an eCommerce business, or a national organization with hundreds of locations, we can help!

PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

Pay-per-click advertising is a strategy used by many West Palm Beach companies. Rather than ranking organically through SEO, with PPC, you pay to appear for important keywords to your business. A PPC campaign can be extremely effective because you only pay for when people click on your ads.

We typically recommend that West Palm Beach businesses implement a PPC strategy when they need leads quickly or when keywords are extremely competitive. However, we strongly advise businesses to invest in SEO strategies because long-term, it is one of the smartest internet marketing strategies a business can implement.

Social Media Marketing

Think about the brands you love. If you’re on social media, there’s a good chance that you probably follow a few of them. The content and advertising these brands produce are much more highly favored by you than some random ad you might receive. This is because you are an advocate of their brand.

The same can be created for your brand on social media if you build up a following of advocates. These people will share your content and buy from you. Even negative feedback about your company on social media can be a great learning experience for your business to continue improving. Your brand’s reputation is incredibly important to long-term success. A social media strategy can help foster positive interactions for your West Palm Beach business.

Web Design

Last on our list but certainly not least is your website presence. Your website is at the center of everything your West Palm Beach company does online. Whether you’re advertising, building a SEO strategy, creating email campaigns, or implementing social media strategies, your website connects them all.

Your web design distinguishes you from your competition and enhances your business’ credibility. In fact, according to a study at Stanford University, 75% of users admit making judgement about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. Creating a great website for your West Palm Beach business is incredibly important.

Top Industries We Work With in West Palm Beach

We help a variety of businesses grow with our internet marketing strategies. Here are just a few that we work with.

Dental Marketing in West Palm Beach

We help dentists in West Palm Beach and across the country grow their practices using the power of internet marketing. Check out our dental marketing case study.

Also, if you’re a dentist in West Palm Beach, take a look at our dental marketing strategies whitepaper to get some great insights into how to build a marketing strategy for your dental practice.

Psychologist and Therapist Marketing in West Palm Beach

BartX Digital works with psychologists in West Palm Beach and across the country to grow their practices. See how we helped a psychologist grow her practice.

Building a strategy for your therapy practice in West Palm Beach will drive a steady stream of patients to you. Learn some of our best psychologist marketing strategies.

Doctor Marketing in West Palm Beach

Like dentists and psychologists, we help various types of doctors get found on Google using the power of internet marketing. If your private practice is looking for a steady supply of patients reaching out to schedule appointments with you, trust BartX Digital to be your digital partner.

Keynote Speaker Marketing in West Palm Beach

Many keynote speakers are highly talented individuals with impeccable communication skills. Combine that with our strategic internet marketing strategies and you have a winning formula. Check out our keynote speaker case study to see how we helped Rashmi get more speaking gigs.

Law Firm Marketing in West Palm Beach

We work with lawyers in West Palm Beach to help them grow their firms and get new clients. Check out our law firm marketing strategies whitepaper.

Ready to Grow Your Business with Our West Palm Beach Internet Marketing Services?

BartX is a West Palm Beach internet marketing company and we’re ready to grow your business! We know that you’re passionate about your business. When you partner with us, we are passionate about your business too. Your success is our success and we’ll do everything we can to help make your business succeed online.

If your West Palm Beach company is ready to launch with internet marketing, contact us today!

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